How to host the perfect laser tag party

How to host the perfect laser tag party
1st August 2017
Laser tag parties are one of the most popular parties that we run at Gambado for 6 to 11 year olds. Over the years our party hosts have accumulated plenty of experience in hosting the perfect laser tag party. In this post we’re going to share our tips with you. These tips will come in handy whether you’re planning to host your laser tag party at Gambado or elsewhere. Read on and we’ll explain how to make your little one’s laser party a shining success!

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Planning your laser tag party

Your party will go much more smoothly if you do just a little planning in advance. Firstly, make sure you invite a decent sized crowd. All the laser tag parties we run at Gambado are for 14 children. If only three people come you won’t have much of a laser tag battle! Make sure the party invitations go out in plenty of time so everyone can let you know whether they can attend.
Contact the venue early to secure your party date, especially if you’re booking at a weekend. Popular slots get booked up quickly (some of our laser tag parties at Gambado are reserved four or five months in advance).
Once you’ve done your research on the best venue for your laser tag party, either book online or give their party bookings team a call.
On the day of the party
The birthday boy or girl will probably be very excited on the day of their party (we would be too!). At Gambado we invite all guests to enjoy our play frame and other facilities before the laser tag game – allowing them to run off a little excess steam before they’re sent into battle. We also serve them our delicious Gambado party buffet before battle commences. If you are using a different venue, check what arrangements can be made for your guests as they arrive.
Booking your laser tag party
Many laser tag party venues offer online booking. If they don’t you’ll have to make a phone call or pop into the site yourself. You can check availability for laser tag in Chelsea, Watford and Bromley & Beckenham, and book your party online at Gambado if you click here. Alternatively pop into one of our sites and meet the team. They’d be delighted to show you round. Whichever venue you choose, make sure you have a list of questions ready for when you make the booking.
Laser Tag Parties – FAQs
What ages do you need to be to play Laser Quest?
Are reservations required and if so how far in advance? 
Can I make a booking online?
How long does a laser tag game take?
How do I get birthday invitations?
Do I need to book a party room for additional time?
What food or drink do you have?
Can parents watch?  
Can I book the entire venue for a private event?
If you’d like help with any of the above questions when it comes to Laser Tag Parties at our Beckenham, Bromley, Chelsea or Watford Laser Tag Gambado sites, simply call our Party Bookings Team on 0333 555 1415 – they can help you organise the best laser tag parties ever!

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