Private Hire Policies & Procedures

In these Policies & Procedures the “Organiser” shall include the person signing and hiring Gambado and any person
or organisation on whose behalf the booking is made shall be jointly liable. Definitions of words used in these Policy & Procedures and Terms & Conditions can be found further down.

Gambado Private Hire Basic / Bespoke Package

  • The standard “hire period” is from 7.00-9.00pm
  • Each sites capacity levels must be adhered to, you will be notified of maximum numbers at the time of booking
  • Both Private Hire Packages include:
  • Exclusive use of our standard facilities*
  • Designated team to help you plan your event
  • Full access to the Gambado Café
  • Tableware (plates, cups and napkins)
  • Unlimited squash & water
  • Party balloon for each child
  • Visit from our mascot Gambado the Tiger
  • Printable invitations or e-invites
  • Our Private Hire Planner will discuss bespoke optional extras / costs or let us know what you would like and we will prepare a quote.
  • Premium members will receive 10% discount off venue hire (excluding party extras and catering)

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Order

  • No Contract will exist between you and us until we have received a 50% deposit. Through payment of this deposit you are deemed to have accepted our Policy & Procedures and Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right prior to this stage to decline any request by you for a Private Hire Package.
  • Gambado reserves the right to close rides the play frame, slides and remove equipment from use i.e. Laser Guns during the hire period for any reason, without compensation. We will endeavour to inform you of any non-availability of any equipment or facility prior to the event*

Payment Terms

  • Deposit payment of 50% secures the standard Private Hire package only.
  • Full payment is required at the time of booking for bespoke requests for example: Entertainers, DJ, and Decorations & Themes.
  • Please note; NO refunds will be processed in the event of cancellation or the date being moved.
  • Gambado reserves the right to withdraw any promotion or discounts if promotional Terms & Conditions have not been adhered to.
  • Where the order as stated in the Private Hire Confirmation is varied, any additional sum payable by you as a result of any variation to such original order will be payable by you in full when we agree to that variation, or as otherwise agreed by us in writing

Cancellations Terms

  • Cancelling your Private Hire less than 31 days before your hire date would mean your deposit becomes non-refundable.
  • Cancelling 31 + days before the date of the Private Hire your deposit is refundable.
  • We require notice of 31 + days for a date change. Please note; we cannot guarantee date availability.
  • Once your Private Hire date has been changed, we are unable to reschedule it again for any reason.
  • Cancellation due to exceptional circumstances where a full refund may be considered. Gambado will require proof of exceptional circumstances illness, injury or bereavement. Each application will be considered individually.
  • Your 30 day cancellation starts from the original booking date.

Final Payments

  • Please note that your Private Hire is not confirmed until final payment has been received.
  • Final payment is due, 7 days prior to your Private Hire date.

Private Hire Organisers Responsibilities

  • Any third party supplier brought in by the organiser must have at least £5million of Public Liability cover.
  • The Organiser must not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes prior to the party start time to meet the Party Planner.
  • The Organiser must join our registration system. When booking a Private Hire the Registration charge is waived.
  • Please ensure you bring your completed guest list on arrival. It is extremely important that the Organiser provides the Party Planner with a completed guest list on arrival. This is entered into our security system so we aware of all the children within our centre and is therefore important for safety.
  • The Organiser and guardians are responsible for all the children at all times. We recommend one adult for every six children aged 5 years plus and one adult for every 3 children under 5 years.
  • The Organiser agrees to ensure that all the guests are aware of and agree to adhere to the Gambado “Rules of Play”
  • The Organiser should ensure that all children are dressed appropriately.
  • The Organiser must ensure all children wear socks when using the equipment. It is advisable to bring spare socks on the day.
  • The Organiser must ensure that all children are collected by their parent or guardian at the end of the hire period.
  • The Organiser must inform Gambado staff of any food allergies or similar materially important facts concerning all children within their party.
  • The Organiser must ensure that the party room is vacated with all belongings at the end of the allocated hire period.
  • The Organiser must ensure that all guests leave the building at the end of the allocated hire period. If guests do not leave the building at this time, Gambado reserve the right to charge for additional time spent on the premises. Charges site specific.
  • Guests (18 years +) can purchase alcohol at our sites that carry an alcohol licence.

Party Host Responsibilities

  1. Reception Party Coordinator will meet & greet guests on arrival.
  2. The Party Host(s) will entertain & interact with children and more importantly make sure they have a fantastic time.
  3. The Party Host(s) will provide a good level of service to both party parents and children. The Party Host’s primary focus will be the children.

Party Feedback & Complaints

  1. We would be grateful if you could complete a party questionnaire. This will be sent to you by email 48 hours after your event. We may also call you to confirm the feedback you have given.
  2. If you have any problems during your private hire, it is important that you speak to the Duty Manager immediately to enable swift resolution.
  3. In the unlikely event that the problem cannot be resolved at the time, please email full details of your grievance to where your complaint will be thoroughly investigated following our internal complaints procedure.


  • 1. We do not exclude our liability for death or personal injury arising from negligence or that or our employees.
  • 1.1. We exclude liability for all and any loss, damage and/or theft that you may suffer howsoever arising and all and any injury which does not fall within the parameters of paragraph 1

Data Protection

  • Gambado Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as required by the Data Protection Act 1998.You instruct us to carry out all proceeding of personal data that is necessary or desirable for provision of the Party Packages to you and to fulfil our obligations under these Conditions.

Third Party Rights

  • These Conditions only apply between you and us and no one else is entitled to enforce any provision of these Conditions.

Law and Jurisdiction

  • These Conditions are to be governed by and interpreted in accordance with laws of England. Legal action in connection with these Conditions may only be brought in the courts of England and Wales.


  • In these definitions the following expressions have the following meanings:
  • Conditions: The conditions in this contract and changes we make to them
  • Contract: The contract between you and us authorising us to provide the Private Hire Package in accordance with these Conditions.
  • Deposit: 50% of the price.
  • Party: The party for which we are providing the Private Hire Package.
  • Party Organiser: The person, parent or guardian responsible for the children at the Private Hire.
  • Private Hire Packages: The party services we provide for your event.
  • Party Confirmation: The confirmation (letter or e-mail) sent to you by us confirming details of your event.
  • Price: The total fee payable by you for the provision of the Private Hire Package.
  • Rules of Play: The rules which apply to playing at the Site and which are attached to these Conditions.
  • Site: A Gambado Limited indoor play centre.
  • We, us or our’: Gambado Limited
  • ‘You’: The customer who is entering into this Contract on the basis of these Conditions.

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