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Read our testimonials and find out what our little experts and grown up reviewers thought of their visit to Gambado indoor soft play centres.

“Sorry I don't remember names however everyone was polite and helpful”

“Thank you the kids loved it”

Imad, October 2022

“The girl in the cars was the only helpful/friendly/ polite member of staff”

Karen, October 2022

“I did not catch her name but the lovely young lady with the braids and braces. Best customer service there!”

Nicole, October 2022

“Friendly young lady at the front entrance desk. This was my first time visiting the Chelsea branch, it was a little difficult in locating due to the scaffolding. Maybe updating the website and making people aware of the current changes to the exterior”

Yasmine, October 2022

“Kitchen server super helpful”

“Great set up”

Annette, October 2022

“all were very nice”

“everything is enjoyable”

Usman, October 2022

“Maisie has been a great host, explaining how the time would be spent, taking care of the food, the cake.”

Jean, October 2022

“The young lady at the entrance/reception was really welcoming and friendly”

denise, October 2022

“All brilliant”

“A great place”

Viktorija, September 2022

“I really like the environment and i was happy because my son was”

Bibi, September 2022

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