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Read our testimonials and find out what our little experts and grown up reviewers thought of their visit to Gambado indoor soft play centres.

“Thank you for a great visit. We’re looking at your party packages for a potential birthday party next year. Great venue and lots of fun!! You think it will only be exciting for the kids but both me and my partner were laughing just as much as our kids.”

Natasha, October 2021

“Such a wonderful and safety play centre, I and my kids loved it.”

Akberet, October 2021

“Thank you for creating such a safe environment for children.”

Louanne, August 2021

“Loved it - we will be back soon!”

Clare, July 2021

“Two 7year olds-perfect safe exciting play really enjoyed myself in not being rammed noise levels were fantastic compared to pre pandemic times would gladly pay a higher price for the experience today x”

Margaret, July 2021

“Maryam was amazing and made the party so special went above and beyond”

Jazzmin, July 2021

“I was finding it hard to discover somewhere where my son and I could escape for a couple of hours. We had THE best time together. Two hours of pure fun. Thank you. It was just what we needed especially as the weather hasn't been great so far this summer.”

Laura, July 2021

“Thank you all guys, my daughters 5th Birthday was really happy either for kids or parents! We will surely come back to Gambado!”

Valeriya, July 2021

“My two children love visiting gambados and have the best fun every single time,it was my little boys first time on the go cars with his big sister today and his smile said it all.thank you to every one of your staff for making Our experience a good one at this very difficult time.”

Gemma, July 2021

“That was sooo much fun my kid said!!”

Monica, July 2021

“We loved it! There’s so many different things to explore it’ll be a great place for repeat visits and over a wider age range than some other local soft play providers. I found it great value for money and we’ll choose Gambado over closer providers again :)”

Marina, June 2021

“It was our first time coming here and definitely wont be the last, myself and my kids and partner had a great time and will be recommending it to everyone”

Nihan, June 2021

“If I could I would visit every week but settle for the occasional family treat just a great overall safe experience thank you”

Sophia, June 2021

“Very clean, friendly stuff and very covid 19 safe.”

Melat, October 2020

“We will definitely be back! Best softplay centre in town. Thank you.”

sandra, October 2020

“Best soft play we've been to in London. Bumper cars & carousel included in the price is a great idea.”

Ciara, October 2020

“Had a really enjoyable day with the kids”

hayley, March 2020

“Will definitely book my daughter's next birthday party with Gambado.”

Roawnne, March 2020

“Keep up the good work!!”

Fran, March 2020

“All I can say is my daughter really enjoys herself and feels safe to run around and can find me quickly as the parents space is easy for her to find me”

Charlotte, March 2020

“hosts were so helpful and I couldn’t have asked for two nicer people, I am beyond happy and all the other parents also commented on how amazing the party and party hosts were!”

Deana, March 2020

“We had a great time - thank you!”

Matt, March 2020

“Great place for parents to sit and unwind while kids play.”

Peter, February 2020

“Little one loved the tiger mascot and all the little tikes cars that were out”

vicki, February 2020

“Toddler time was fun!”

Ciara, February 2020

“all equipment in the sensory class was very clean, lots of variety of things for the little ones to engage with. really cute class will come back and bring a friend”

victoria, February 2020

“I regularly come here often bringing various family and friends. It seems Gambados is really taking ALL feedback onboard lots of new staff so the place runs really smoothly now AND the food menu is a lot more simplified with much better variety of both healthy and traditional fun food. I struggled before with the food here but since my last visit it has now something for every taste! It's also well noted the commitment to keeping the facilities climbing frame etc new and well maintained so again really great to see thank you”

Carter, February 2020

“Kids had a great time, thank you”

Sunita, February 2020

“Great centre for kids, thank you”

Zeenat, February 2020

“It's amazing here”

Careena, February 2020

“My daughter loved it couldn’t get her to leave”

Demetrios, February 2020


Georgia, February 2020

“A great day out”

Lisa, February 2020

“Excellent will definitely be coming back”

Terri, February 2020

“First time I've been in nearly 9years. Was very pleasantly surprised. Kids loved it. Brilliantly run. Staff cheerful and helpful. We lost my daughters charm and all staff took it seriously and sensitively. Very happy”

gemma, February 2020

“Great facilities, attentive professional stuff, free carousel and bumper cars are great.”

Alexander, February 2020

“Staff and games (so much for them to do) great”

kym, February 2020


Michelle, February 2020

“Especially like the sensory area”

jill, February 2020


dawn, February 2020

“Overall great experience. Kid loved it.”

felicity, February 2020

“Thank you so much for the SEN sessions, it has made a world of difference to my 5 year old autistic daughter who is generally very timid and is not able to find confidence to go in during usual times when there are a lot of children. We have been to couple of SEN sessions and every time her confidence increases. She is mostly non version but when we were looking through the photos, she said “Gambado” to our delight and it’s her favourite place to be! Thanks again for being so thoughtful and welcoming!”

Parveen, February 2020

“We had a great morning in your center. My 2 year old absolutely loved it. It was great we could follow her around as we fitted everywhere.”

Reka, February 2020

“Kids loved it so did I as I could relax & watch them play!!”

, February 2020

“First time here, great experience and will definitely be back.”

rhys, February 2020

“My daughter sienna had a fantastic time!!”

hayley, February 2020

“A great place and kids enjoy a lot.”

Haliun, February 2020

“Thank you for a great deal of £8 after school. Felt like a great bargain and kids had amazing time for my daughter's birthday. We hadn't been for 6 years and it's improved a lot and the children loved it! Thank you!”

Elena, February 2020

“We love our visit to Gambado and particularly love the value for money the toddler special offers”

Caroline, February 2020

“My daughter loves it here so much”

LAURA, February 2020

“The kids love it!”

Louise, February 2020

“Awesome place!y 2 year old loved it!”

ben, February 2020

“The free carousel is great (as are the bumper cars) but it's the carousel that actually brings joy to my autistic childs face, and that's worth a million.”

Ursula, February 2020

“Great first visit; we loved it”

anna, February 2020

“My son had a lovely time in the under 3 section! Lovely choice of food in the cafe as well.”

sarah, January 2020

“excellent service, great value for money.”

tracy, January 2020

“Really varied softplay. Would definitely visit again, shame we’ve waited til now to visit.”

jennifer, January 2020

“Great venue, great location, something for all children of every age. Very clean and good reasonably priced food”

Simone, January 2020

“Everything was perfect our host was so helpful and friendly”

Jessica, January 2020

“Love it here”

AMBER, January 2020

“Great value for money and plan to return again with my kids”

Anthony, January 2020

“Good parking facilities, good toilets, good security.”

Catherine, January 2020

“Those cakes in the cafe are amazing!”

sandy, January 2020

“It was a great day out for me and the extended family. We felt super relaxed and not pressured. The kids did not want to leave.”

Adam, January 2020

“Our little one really loved the unlimited rides on the carousel and dodgems!”

Suzi, January 2020

“Great fun as always.”

Charlotte, January 2020

“I like the fact the cars are included in price”

Lucy, January 2020

“very friendly service. and polite staff”

sajad, January 2020

“great to see lockers; great that a carer can go free; very clean play areas; good choice for all age groups; not too busy”

claire, January 2020

“Great first visit after a long time. Would go back soon, very impressed.”

sukhi, January 2020

“Really friendly staff and took the time to talk to welcome my boy. Thank you”

melanie, January 2020

“Kids truly enjoyed”

Silmara, January 2020

“Very fun day”

Denise, January 2020

“Really lovely staff”

Rachel, January 2020

“Was excellent visit overall”

Valters, December 2019

“a good day out!”

Rahila, December 2019

“Five star”

Nisreen, December 2019

“My daughter loves soft play & the carasol always have the best time at beckenham gambados”

Charlotte, December 2019

“We used the £7 special term time offer. Excellent value!!”

Jenny, December 2019

“Was a very enjoyable day all round.”

Jane, December 2019

“Fantastic place. My 18 month old twins loved it. It was our first visit and we will definately be returning.”

Charlotte, December 2019

“I often come to Gambado and even have a membership with you guys. My son loves Gambado and we have also brought his cousins and his friends to come enjoy the experience with him.”

Ebby, December 2019

“I really appreciate the SEN sessions you run, that is absolutely awesome and incredibly generous of you.”

Shanna, December 2019

“Always a great time!”

Diora, December 2019

“Gambados beckenham, looking good and clean. Very friendly staff.”

Natasha, December 2019

“I am a parent of a SEN child. We have started to visit Gambardo on the 1st Monday of every month where a specialized SEN session is put on for an hour for SEN children. Without this session being available we could not visit a place like Gambado with our Autistic son as it be too overwhelming. I would like to thank Gambado for recognising this and making their facility available to children with special needs for their exclusive use. Best wishes Andrew Williams”

Andrew, December 2019

“We had a lot of fun thank you”

Erion, December 2019

“Friendly staff play a big part in making visits enjoyable as well as worth visiting a place. Thank you we thoroughly enjoyed our visit today. :)”

Nadia, December 2019

“My twins had a great time here! Great place to spend a rainy day while visiting London.”

Erin, December 2019


Liliya, November 2019

“We had a big group there today and we had amazing feedback from everyone, the entire group was really happy with the experience”

Deena, November 2019

“Happy with our visit. Thanks”

JODIE, November 2019

“Lovely environment for kids!”

Luz Delly, November 2019

“Very attentive staff, decent food and HUGE play area”

Steve, October 2019

“I've always come here - my children love it ... since the make over the prices at the food counter have gone down and very reasonable now. And they put more seats in :). Would recommend to go in the mornings if you have little ones.”

Carina, October 2019

“Perfect family day out to entertain all the kids. Lots of things to do and attractions to go on....”

Alannah, October 2019

“Star Rating Best place to spend time with your little ones.”

Emma, October 2019

“"New staff are super friendly and interact with all of the children around the play area and at the entrance/exit - much better than before! The queue at the cafe is managed a lot better than before and the refurbishments are beautiful" (Beckenham)”

Sapphire, October 2019

“Staff outstanding helpful friendly. The food was excellent and myself and my grandchildren really enjoyed our visit. Lots to do. They loved the softplay but equally loved the rides. I thought it was a great place for kids and they loved it.”

Val, October 2019

“My daughter has additional needs and Gambado is the perfect place where she can be free to explore and enjoy. I am happy in the knowledge that she is safe and happy.”

Denise, October 2019

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