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“Josephine and Letanía (sorry if I didn’t spell their names correctly) they are in Chelsea.”

“Samsan, Josephine, Letanía and a girl that I don’t know her name but she was so kind when children went to the bump carts.”

May, April 2023

“Thanks to Niamh for entertaining the kids and being so friendly and welcoming. She did an amazing job!!”

Adetola, August 2022

“Nia and Hannah made my daughters birthday really special. They were very attentive and did a fab job.”

Leila, August 2022

“India was fantastic and made it easy for us and kids enjoyed there time there thank you again”

Gurjeet, July 2022

“All the staff was amazing the manager the host and the lady on the reception was brilliant thank you for everything”

Chloe, June 2022

“My party host was very kind and nice. She was very careful about what we needed.”

susanna, June 2022

“All the front of house team were lovely and our party hosts were fantastic.”

Dominic, June 2022

“Our Party host was fantastic, all staff was brilliant as well. Polite and efficient.”

T, June 2022

“Charlie was extraordinary with all the help, service and hospitality he provided with the Laser party. He has done absolutely everything for us, even packed the remaining of the cake!! I did not expect that much care so was very pleased how he made things easier for everyone. He was so good and skilled dealing with the kids as well. Also, many thanks for putting the music on! We are having another party on June 3rd 7-9pm and hope to see him again! Thank you very much indeed, Charlie ps. all the staff at Gambado seem very happy there and care for each other. They are always nice and polite to the guests. Service on the phone is always very pleasant and so helpful.”

Evgeniya, May 2022

“Neeve and India”

“Can I just please thank the party hosts they were amazing thank you”

Sally, May 2022

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