Soft Play for Pre-School – how we cater for toddlers at Gambado



“I have to say Gambado is the best for the needs of younger children. Gambado offers a large, well looked after and fully equipped area. My little one loves the independence and I feel safe letting him play…” - Deonne

“A fantastic play centre for under 5s. The sensory light and the water tube are fantastic for little ones under 2!!” - Lauren

Soft Play for Pre-School & Toddlers

Gambado offers children the chance to play, learn, run free and explore in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Our indoor soft play for pre-school has been superbly designed to cater for all ages, including under 2’s and under 4’s. Our venues are packed full of variety and innovation. The play areas for toddlers and pre-school are designed to be stimulating and to inspire young minds. All of our sensory zones have play equipment for learning and development, including infinity tunnels, bubble tubes, touch balls, soft play floor piano, imagination toys, ‘under the sea’ sensory walls, ‘earthquake’ zones, ball pits, play frames and slides.


Educational soft play for pre-school

Infinity Tunnel

Our new Infinity Tunnel is a light up tunnel that’s located in the Under 2’s area, and will inspire moments of relaxed calm. This is important for children, as relaxed children take more of their environment in.

Bubble Tubes

Our bubble tubes create a calming and relaxing multi sensory environment which will calm and relax children and adults alike. Bubble Tubes inspire interaction through the constantly changing colours and moving bubbles. They have many benefits for your little ones’ development – they can be used to; aid visual stimulation, develop cause and effect skills, visual perception and understand colour sequencing and/or colour matching.

‘Under the Sea’ Sensory Wall

Our new ‘Under the Sea’ sensory wall panel is an exciting addition to our Under 2’s area! Children can develop their concentration skills and ability to maintain eye contact with these walls. Children also improve their ability to focus on targets as they concentrate on the combination of stimulating lights and sounds.

‘Earthquake Zone’

Our new ‘Earthquake Zone’ in the centre of the main frame will improve coordination and balance skills as they try to stay on their feet!

Bouncy Ball Pits

Ball Pits are a fun and safe play space for your child to discover, whilst developing their strength and coordination. Ball Pits encourage your child to explore, and rewards their curiosity with satisfying sights, sounds and textures.

Indoor soft play for pre-school & toddlers

Young children learn by imagining and doing – bring them to Gambado to explore our soft play for pre-school & toddler areas. Our sensory equipment varies from site to site. Book your indoor soft play session below to avoid queues and registration fees. We have indoor soft play centres in Beckenham, Chelsea and Watford.


See what our grown up reviewers have to say...

“My little one is 1 years old and is at an age were he wants to play alone, but as a parent we don’t feel it’s safe enough. Going to other soft play areas I have to say Gambado is the best for the needs of younger children. I find a big issue with other soft plays is that older kids always run around the younger area, my little one can escape from the play area, it’s not just smaller but almost forgotten about/not cared for, and there never is enough tables near enough for parents to sit and watch over the little ones.

Gambado offers a large, well looked after and fully equipped area for younger children. My little one loves the independence and I feel safe letting him play as I can keep an eye on him from a very close table and feel safe that there is a very high safety gate which not many little ones can reach or manage to open. As Gambado is so big all the bigger kids are fully entertained which means the little ones can play without being pushed past or put in danger. Lastly I would like to mention the photograph which is taken off all people entering really reassures parents and is by far a great thing that I believe all soft plays should have.”
Deonne, July 2016

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