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Wednesday 11th May 2022 19:30 - 21:30


Entertainment/Party Host

Job description 
To play a key role in supervising and ensuring the enjoyment of all party guests and parents. 
To host parties to ensure a superb experience for our guests every time. 
To carry out necessary safety and maintenance checks in accordance with company policy and procedures, following training and guidance provided by management and equipment suppliers and installers.

Key Responsibilities: 
  • To be aware of rota requirements and be punctual and reliable
  • To proactively promote the Gambado service signals, and values at all times
  • To SMILE and promote responsible fun with all of Gambado customers and team members at all times
  • To ensure constant strive to achieve exceptional customer service
  • To ensure the safety and security of all customers in the centre
  • To host parties ensuring a superb experience for our guests every time and ensure feedback forms completed
  • To ensure that children play in the designated areas for their age group or size
  • To offer suitable interaction to children of all ages, and adults alike – promoting ‘fun’ at all times
  • To ensure that the fairground rides operate at or within capacity and to the company standard operating procedure requirement
  • To ensure that all maintenance requirements are met and recorded accurately
  • To ensure that any issues are communicated immediately directly to the management on shift
  • To be fully aware of and adhere to all health and safety policy requirements.
  • To work in all operational play and activity areas as required
  • To assist with the planning and delivery of children’s parties / clubs and activities sessions as required 
To attend staff meetings / training sessions as required by the management team

Looking for a new job?

We’ve got a perfect recruitment opportunity for you! Our completely FREE Discovery Workshops offer a fantastic chance to come and see what it’s like to work at Gambado – the UK’s Number 1 Indoor Soft Play and Party Centre. Book your free place at our next recruitment workshop – you may be offered a job at the end!
“…Just wanted to say that the experience was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The Recruitment Discovery Workshop was amazing. I’m looking forward to hopefully working there.” – Nuh Muse

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At Gambado our mission is to offer children the chance to play, learn, explore and party in some of the most exciting indoor play venues in the world.
Our venues have been superbly designed to cater for all ages and are packed full of variety and innovation to ensure that no two trips are the same!
Children from 1 to 12 years old play in a healthy, fun and above all safe environment whilst learning some of the most valuable development skills at the same time!
If you’re bright, enthusiastic and keen to make an impact, come and join us on our Discovery Workshop. You may be offered a job at the end!

Working with our customers

You’ll see what it’s like to spend your time working with our fabulous customers, young and old, who just want to have fun!
If you think you’d like to be part of making their experience with us a great one, we’re keen to meet you.

Recruitment at Gambado

RSVP for our next Discovery Workshop at Gambado Chelsea. It’s a great experience you can add to your CV! You may even get offered a job immediately. If you’re selected to go on our Team Members Waiting list you will be the first to hear about opportunities to work at the UK’s Number 1 Indoor Soft Play and Kids Activity Centre in the coming months.
If you’re having fun at work, chances are our visitors will be having fun too. If you enjoy making others smile with you, your personality will be your key to success. If you can create magic and a sense of welcome even when you’re busy, and you’re blessed with a hefty dose of common sense, we’d love to hear from you.

We can’t wait to meet our future team members and we hope you have a great time at the workshop!

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