Play & Music Classes for 0-5 years

Play & Music Classes for 0-5 years
20th October 2017
Play and Music for pre-schoolers
Most preschoolers and toddlers love listening to and singing along to music. Many studies show that parents who create a musical environment for their children not only provide entertainment for their children but also help them to develop essential music skills which can aid their development in later life.
Research has showed that exposure to music from early childhood helps children to speak more clearly, develop a larger vocabulary, and strengthen social and emotional skills. Music has the ability to strengthen the connection between the body and brain to work together – when dancing and moving to music, children develop better motor skills, and singing along to a song helps them to practice their singing voice, and exposure to music helps children with the sound of tones and words.
Why is music and play good for our children?
These days, children are spending less time playing physically, mixing with different generations, creating imaginary games, and interacting with parents. Many are becoming socially isolated because their leisure time is spent in front of a computer or television. They are losing the ability to empathise, to communicate and to read emotional language. The British Council says:
“By communicating freely with the voice, face, and body, children learn to express ideas with confidence, empathise with others from different cultures and backgrounds, and feel at home in their own skin. Song, music and dance can help children become more imaginative, self-aware and collaborative global citizens.”
Where are high quality play and music classes available?
Gambado Chelsea has joined forces with Gymboree Play & Music Kensington and Chelsea to offer play and music classes for 0-5 year olds. These classes utilise a unique and impressive combination of music, movement, props, imaginary play and custom-designed and patented apparatus, all to create a fun and magical world where children learn, thrive and most importantly have fun. Gymboree Play & Music classes are recognised for our unique approach to parent/carer involvement which encourages adult participation in, and understanding of, all class activities. Research has shown that young children learn best – and have the most fun – when parents and carers enter their world of play and imagination. At Gymboree Play & Music classes, every adult is an active participant and play partner, making your time at Gymboree Play & Music all the more fun and enjoyable.

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